Permissions Policy

I’m delighted there’s something on this site you would like to pass on to others. Thank you!

One of the most serious issues for writers today is abuse of their intellectual property, whether it’s outright plagiarism or misuse of copyrighted material. Therefore, to avoid any misunderstanding, here are a few simple guidelines:

Here’s what you can do without permission:

  • Link to my site or any particular part of it.
  • Copy (up to 50 copies) or re-post any single post in its entirety on your site, provided you add this tagline: “© 2011 Verla Wallace. All rights reserved. Originally published at”
  • Print any single post in a non-commercial publication, provided you add the same tagline given above.

The following uses require special permission:

  • Re-posting or reusing any content from this site for commercial purposes (digital or print).
  • Any alteration of any content on this site.

Naturally, I’m not responsible for reader comments and, therefore, cannot grant permission for any use of their comments.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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