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Navy SEALS and Guerilla Decision-Making

I received a phone call this morning from a person who wanted to talk about a really bad decision she made (her words, not mine, although I totally agreed). She knew better, she said. She had been at this crossroads before, … Continue reading

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Why Gladys Valentine Trumps Dick Clark

When TV icon Dick Clark died this week, the Internet exploded with tributes and personal anecdotes about the man and his legacy. Best-known to the world as the genius behind “American Bandstand,”  I remember him as the man who taught me to love … Continue reading

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Happiness is Not Found on a Clothesline

Nearly 900 college-bound students received a much-anticipated letter this week announcing they were accepted for admission into UCLA. It was a mistake. The school’s response? Oops. Sorry. For the school it was a PR nightmare. They promised to keep the … Continue reading

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The Best News You’ll Hear Today

Have you heard? CHRIST IS RISEN…and he’s gone on ahead to prepare for your arrival! Everyone is invited to his house to celebrate. But he needs to know if you’re coming. Click here for details. See you there! Verla Wallace “In many respects … Continue reading

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