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Ballad for an Ordinary Life

Today is playing out as pretty ordinary–full of the duties that keep life ticking, none of which are particularly memorable. I hate the word ordinary. It sounds so dead and meaningless. Then, in the car, I heard a classic county song written in the … Continue reading

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Surviving the Life You’ve Always Wanted

I just finished reading a feature-length article in Vanity Fair that bills itself as a behind-the-scenes look at the life of the Barack Obama. New York Times writer and best-selling author Michael Lewis reportedly spent six months with “unprecedented access” to the President to research the story. While the … Continue reading

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What If No One Sees This?

This month marks the first anniversary of Pilgrim on the Loose. Whether you’re the sentimental type or just dutiful in marking special events, anniversaries typically usher in a time of assessing where you’ve been and where you’re going. I’m doing … Continue reading

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Why Gladys Valentine Trumps Dick Clark

When TV icon Dick Clark died this week, the Internet exploded with tributes and personal anecdotes about the man and his legacy. Best-known to the world as the genius behind “American Bandstand,”  I remember him as the man who taught me to love … Continue reading

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If Only I Had Known

I’m not sure if we get smarter with age or if we simply make enough mistakes and deal with enough setbacks and failures to learn what doesn’t work. Here are a few things I wish I had learned sooner: Wisdom doesn’t come … Continue reading

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Raise Your Hand If You’re Normal

From the time I wrote my first term paper on Dolly Madison in middle school, I’ve enjoyed reading and writing about people in the public eye. As a kid, the lives of famous people seemed glamorous and exciting, with wonderful … Continue reading

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