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Tell Me, What Was It Like?

Recently, while searching for a stray document on my desk, I ran across a newspaper clipping I had saved to share with a friend. (You remember newspapers, those big sheets of paper with lots of words and pictures that used … Continue reading

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“Some Terms and Conditions Apply”

Today I received one of those alerts on my computer that announces a software update is available to download. When I clicked on the icon to install it, a Terms and Conditions contract appeared. You know the drill. It’s that … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Tweet?

I have a confession to make. I don’t tweet. I know, I know. Neanderthal. I’m not against social networking. I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn. But sometimes the exploding number of networking options leaves me feeling I’m being hunted down by … Continue reading

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Better than WonkaVision

The worst thing about aging is you start being careful. Careful about what you eat. Careful with how you spend money. Careful about where you step. Your mother might say, “Honey, that’s not being careful. That’s called ‘growing up!” But … Continue reading

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The Dog Whisperer, The Situation and Me

I was sitting around with a group of friends recently and one of them asked, “What name would you give yourself that would immediately telegraph to other people who you are?” My daughter hates those kind of games, but I … Continue reading

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