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The Gift of Staring at Your Shoes

Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist Cormac McCarthy once said that insights about life spring from the subconscious and require a lot of staring at your shoes. I don’t think he literally meant we must stare stupidly at our shoes, waiting for … Continue reading

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A Suggestion For Your Reading List

Time out for a personal note: I’m excited to announce the publication of my new book, available now on Amazon. It’s the story of a 40-day unconventional road trip taken 25 years ago. Call it a mid-life re-evaluation, a mid-life … Continue reading

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Chatting It Up with God

It’s me, Lord, back at our meet-up place here at the blog. Since you’ve promised never to leave us and since you’re everywhere anyway, I guess I never really went anywhere. I just haven’t been very good about keeping our date here to write together. … Continue reading

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Our Own Version of “Boston Strong”

In the wake of the marathon bombings, Bostonians rose up to declare to the world they would not be cowered by terrorists–homegrown or otherwise. Blue and gold t-shirts emblazoned with “Boston Strong” sold out almost immediately. Other companies leaped in … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Self-Doubt

Kevin Costner’s moving tribute to Whitney Houston at her funeral offered fresh insight into why Whitney may have initially turned to the alcohol and drugs that ultimately took her life. Costner said he and the superstar became fast friends because … Continue reading

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The Sushi Chef and The Bickersons

I probably wouldn’t have noticed what was happening if I had been in my usual rush, but I wasn’t. I was killing time, waiting for a carryout order at our local sushi restaurant. It’s a quiet little place of simple … Continue reading

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Tell Me, What Was It Like?

Recently, while searching for a stray document on my desk, I ran across a newspaper clipping I had saved to share with a friend. (You remember newspapers, those big sheets of paper with lots of words and pictures that used … Continue reading

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