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When Is It Time To Go?

How do you know when it’s time to go? Go forward, go back, go in a different direction, go make it right, go get help, go in spite of your fears? This morning I found myself returning to a process … Continue reading

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Our Own Version of “Boston Strong”

In the wake of the marathon bombings, Bostonians rose up to declare to the world they would not be cowered by terrorists–homegrown or otherwise. Blue and gold t-shirts emblazoned with “Boston Strong” sold out almost immediately. Other companies leaped in … Continue reading

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What God and “NCIS: Los Angeles” Share in Common

Watching “NCIS: Los Angeles” the other night helped me finally understand why I get impatient with God’s plans for my life. I keep losing sight of basic principles that the TV actors follow well. The whole thing began earlier that … Continue reading

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Ballad for an Ordinary Life

Today is playing out as pretty ordinary–full of the duties that keep life ticking, none of which are particularly memorable. I hate the word ordinary. It sounds so dead and meaningless. Then, in the car, I heard a classic county song written in the … Continue reading

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What If No One Sees This?

This month marks the first anniversary of Pilgrim on the Loose. Whether you’re the sentimental type or just dutiful in marking special events, anniversaries typically usher in a time of assessing where you’ve been and where you’re going. I’m doing … Continue reading

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The Surprising Path to Courage

We met at a local Thai restaurant to talk about a possible consulting project for his newly-launched non-profit. I knew he was a passionate Christ-follower and a larger-than-life entrepreneur who sold his successful I.T. business for $25 million dollars and launched … Continue reading

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Life in the No Clue Zone

On the network news last night, the news anchor reported the death of actor Harry Morgan, best known as the acerbic Col. Potter on the TV series “M-A-S-H.” The final  picture onscreen showed Morgan in that role, with the dates 1915-2011 … Continue reading

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Andy Rooney, Regis Philbin and You

Last Sunday night Andy Rooney delivered his 1,097th and final commentary on “60 Minutes,” after 33 years on the air. Last summer Larry King signed off CNN after 25 years and an estimated 50,000 interviews. Oprah also ended her 25-year … Continue reading

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When Eating Frogs Is Not Enough

The entrepreneur sat down at my table—poised, impeccably groomed, articulate, the picture of confidence. It was his first visit to the monthly meeting of Christian business executives and other professionals who came to connect with peers and gain wisdom for … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Tweet?

I have a confession to make. I don’t tweet. I know, I know. Neanderthal. I’m not against social networking. I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn. But sometimes the exploding number of networking options leaves me feeling I’m being hunted down by … Continue reading

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