A Suggestion For Your Reading List


Time out for a personal note:

I’m excited to announce the publication of my new book, available now on Amazon.

Just the Front Cover 300x450

It’s the story of a 40-day unconventional road trip taken 25 years ago. Call it a mid-life re-evaluation, a mid-life crisis, an exciting journey full of unexpected twists and turns, or all of the above. Here’s a bit of backstory, to set the stage for you:

When mid-level executive Verla Wallace experienced a physical breakdown on the eve of her employers’ billion-dollar merger, her doctor warned she could face an early death if she didn’t quit her job. She quit but realized her job was not the only problem. Her whole life needed re-examination.

Her husband suggested an unorthodox strategy: Hit the road with no cell phone, laptop, GPS, or itinerary. Ask ordinary people about their lives. Listen. Wrestle with yourself and God about all those unanswered questions. Come back when you figure it out.

Wallace’s journey of self-discovery is filled with humor and drama, heartache and breakthrough. Meet Duck Man, a washed-up machinist with a brain tumor who found a new purpose for his life in the unlikeliest of places. Meet the mysterious hiker, fresh off walking The Appalachian Trail, who forces Wallace to acknowledge her own calling. Whether it involved getting lost at night in a mountain canyon or attending an elegant Hilton Head wedding, Wallace’s life-changing adventure delivers a wealth of wit and wisdom with an ending no one expected.

Come along for the ride and gain a fresh take on your own life without ever leaving home. 

It’s an entertaining read with plenty of life takeaway, too, and it’s for men and women of any age. I’m happy to report that early feedback has been wonderful! I hope you’ll check it out.  Let me know how you like it.

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