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“Where Can Your Navigation Advisor Take You Today?”

I was on a plane this week returning from a visit with family in Florida and found myself seated in the row behind a young family with two kids under the age of three. When we all stood up to … Continue reading

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Lurkers for Jesus

 There are an estimated 450 million active English-speaking blogs currently in the world. No one knows for sure the exact number, since thousands of new ones are added daily and thousands more become zombie, sleeping, or “dead” blogs which have … Continue reading

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The Sushi Chef and The Bickersons

I probably wouldn’t have noticed what was happening if I had been in my usual rush, but I wasn’t. I was killing time, waiting for a carryout order at our local sushi restaurant. It’s a quiet little place of simple … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, Would Everyone Please Shut Up?

I was standing in a grocery store line yesterday behind a mother and a young boy, presumably her son, who looked like he was 10-12 years old. She was ragging on him about something, as she mindlessly emptied her cart … Continue reading

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