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The Surprising Path to Courage

We met at a local Thai restaurant to talk about a possible consulting project for his newly-launched non-profit. I knew he was a passionate Christ-follower and a larger-than-life entrepreneur who sold his successful I.T. business for $25 million dollars and launched … Continue reading

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If Only I Had Known

I’m not sure if we get smarter with age or if we simply make enough mistakes and deal with enough setbacks and failures to learn what doesn’t work. Here are a few things I wish I had learned sooner: Wisdom doesn’t come … Continue reading

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Louder Is Not a Strategy

I’m not a fan of geese, unless they’re flying a few hundred feet overhead in a pretty formation far far away. On the ground they’re loud and messy and territorial, with real anger management issues. We used to live in … Continue reading

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Still Hazy After All These Years

On a network talk show yesterday, Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall talked about his struggle in the last year to come to terms with a troubled life that had earned him the dubious title, “The Beast.” While successful on the … Continue reading

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Pardon Me, Ma’am. Are You Somebody?

Last night I was once again reminded of the fact that I’m not a big deal. I don’t have a big ego. I’m not like the narcissist at the dinner party who said, “Enough about me, tell me about you. … Continue reading

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