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The Death of Discernment

I connected this week with my 22-year old niece who is in Italy on a personal 500-mile pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. There are many routes a pilgrim can choose to complete this spiritual journey. She spent time in … Continue reading

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The Most Important Feature in My Home

I had lunch today with a good friend who shared her disappointment about losing a house she and her husband tried to buy. The home–priced right, in a good neighborhood–ended up in a bidding war, with multiple buyers offering crazy … Continue reading

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The Jerk Factor

Is it my imagination or is the world becoming a meaner place? Since time began, there have always been wars—the big kind with tanks and Drones and missiles and the more personal kind that fall under labels like domestic violence … Continue reading

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Life Behind the Ropes

I don’t like rules. Rules of punctuation. Robert’s Rules of Order. Rules about not wearing white after Labor Day. Once, as a reporter, I was covering what basically turned out to be a photo op with George Bush, the elder, … Continue reading

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