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The Perversity of Unanswered Prayer

A new friend recently told me she had never prayed out loud–especially with other people. She was afraid she wouldn’t “do it right.” I reassured her that it required no special language or training. It’s just talking to someone who knows … Continue reading

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The Curse of Expectations–Yours, Mine, Ours

The summer Olympic games are already a distant memory. Now that the hoopla has died down, I’ve been thinking about another part of the Olympic experience that never gets much ink. It’s the athletes who went home with crushed expectations and … Continue reading

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The Cliche` That’s Actually True

My husband and I recently saw “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” a charming movie about seven seniors from wildly different backstories, who choose to retire to what was billed as an exotic, upscale senior community in India. It’s run by … Continue reading

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Happiness is Not Found on a Clothesline

Nearly 900 college-bound students received a much-anticipated letter this week announcing they were accepted for admission into UCLA. It was a mistake. The school’s response? Oops. Sorry. For the school it was a PR nightmare. They promised to keep the … Continue reading

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